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White Hot Chocolate with Pumpkin

Oktoberdots White Hot Chocolate with Pumpkin

Damn, this drink is gooood! It’s like pumpkin pie in a mug, delicious, sweet and heartwarming. The best hot chocolate version ever if you ask me, and I’ve tasted a LOT. This White Hot Chocolate with Pumpkin might be your new favourite drink too.

One of the best things about this drink is that it contains actual pumpkin. Not just pumpkin spice, but ACTUAL, real pumpkin! And another great thing is that it doesn’t take more time than making a normal, boring hot chocolate.

CLICK HERE FOR THE white hot chocolate with pumpkin RECIPE

I did add a little more chocolate, like 150% of the original recipe. But yeah, I can say that I really, really recommend this drink haha!

5 January 2020
27 January 2020


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