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Vegetable Garden – part 2

It’s been a month since my last update about my vegetable garden and with the weather we’ve had lately a lot has happend. So it’s time for an update: My vegetable garden – part 2!

I don’t know how the weather was were you live, but in the Netherlands it’s been perfect for my garden! A lot of hot, sunny days and a lot of rain. So my plants have grown like crazy!

If you want to see what they looked like in my last update: Click here!

Herb Garden update

The herb garden grew like crazy! The top (left) photo is made on March 6th this year, the day I started my garden for this year and the bottom (right) photo is made last week. I already picked a lot of herbs and still it’s soooo big! So in my vacation next week I’m going to try and work with those herbs a lot.

Strawberries update

May 28th to June 5th 2020: I must be doing something wrong with my strawberries because this is the second year I’m not able to grow any, the ugly red thing on the last photo is the only strawberry I’ve seen so far! If I don’t get any at all this summer I won’t be trying again next year. My garden is pretty small so I need all the room I can get for things that actually do grow.

Tomatoes update

June 28th 2020: I can be very quick about the Boeuf tomatoes: they’re doing great! In the photos you can see how much they’ve grown in just 10 days.

June 28th 2020: The same goes for the Cherry tomatoes. As soon as I put them in the full ground they grew incredibly quick and all 4 of the tomato plants have tomatoes on them already!

Rocket/Arugula update

No words needed here right? The rocket or arugula did amazing! I can’t even count the amount of dishes I made with my homegrown rocket but it was a lot! It’s all gone now but I’m definitely planting it again soon.

Rhubarb update

I can be really short about this. There’s no rhubarb update. This plant was just too big for my small garden so I decided to remove it.

Pumpkins update

Are you ready for my pumpkin update? I can tell you it’s a big one! The biggest one of my Vegetable Garden – part 2 update.

This shows you how fast a pumpkin can grow! On May 11th I planted my tiny tiny pumpkin plants in the full ground in front of my house. The last photo shows you how much it has grown in 20 days.

On June 17th my first pumpkin flowers bloomed and 4 days later the first tiny pumpkins started growing. I could already see they didn’t look the same but I wasn’t sure what happened..

June 28th 2020 – As you can see my pumpkin plants EXPLODED!

8 days after I spotted my first tiny pumpkins these bad boys are already so big! Their sizes vary from a big grapefruit to a cantaloupe melon!

And now you can clearly see the difference between the pumpkins. Some appear to be regular orange pumpkins while others look like Turban Squashes. Really weird since both seeds of the pumpkin plant came from the same pumpkin but it’s probably because the seeds I used were cross-polinated already. I’m definitely not mad about it though!

The Hokaido Pumpkins are doing a little less great. They finally started to grow but I’ve yet to see a flower. I think it’s a bit too cold in the Netherlands for this type of pumpkin.

Blackberries & Raspberries update

The bramble is doing really well! It’s still a relatively small bramble but it’s giving lots of berries already. I put it in a spot with a lot of shade where nothing else grows, but the blackberries are doing just fine! You can see how much it has grown in a month, I’m hoping to have a big bramble bush that’ll cover that entire corner eventually.

The raspberry made a lot of tiny fruits at the end of May, some even started to colour. But a few weeks later they were all shrivelled and dead, I don’t know what went wrong but the entire branch with the berries was dead. I cut it short and now I hope they’ll do better next year. But no raspberries from my own garden this year..

Zucchinis update

On May 28th I planted the 3 biggest plants in my backyard and some small ones in the frontyard to see if they’d like a bit more sun. The zucchini plants were also really really happy to finally have real ground beneath their roots. Look how much they grew in a few days!

June 28th 2020: The first 3 photos are the zucchini plants in my backyard. They’re making some nice cute zucchinis right now and I hope they’ll survive. The last 3 photos are the plants in my frontyard where they have a lot of sun and I already have a zucchini ready to eat!!

Berryplant update

The mixed-berry plant is doing mediocre. It’s giving me some berries, but not a whole lot. I hope it’s because it’s still a pretty small bush. The plant is actually supposed to produce 4 types of berries, but so far I’ve only head white berries and blackberries. I’m really hoping for red ones next year!

That was the Vegetable Garden – part 2 update

It was a lot of text so kudos for you if you’ve read until here! But I felt the need to explain a bit with each plant, so that’s why. I hoped you enjoyed my Vegetable Garden – part 2 update and I’ll be writing another one in a month!

3 July 2020