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Tiny Mouse Plushie

After making my 11 Bat Plushies, I had a lot fabric scraps left. Too big to throw away, too small to make something with. Or so I thought! While browsing on Pinterest for fun things to do with small pieces of fabric, I found a free sewing pattern for a Tiny Mouse Plushie.

So that’s what I’ve been making after my Bat Plushies (of which there are still 5 for sale!). All kinds of cute tiny mice with different fabric combinations.

Tiny black mouse

I made the first one with my sewing machine, but since all the parts are so small I actually prefer to make them by hand now. I don’t have to sit behind my sewing machine and I can just make the while chilling in the garden or watching my favourite Netflix show.

Click here for the Tiny Mouse Plushie sewing pattern

It’s not hard to make them, but you do need to remember to add the ears while sewing the top parts together (I keep forgetting that). They’re just so fun and easy that I keep making them!

Furry mice plushies

As you can see in my photos I use safety-eyes for the tiny mice because I had a lot of small eyes left after making the big bats. But you can also use buttons like in the original description of even just embroider them by hand.

Free Sewing Patterns

And if you like, I also have a Pinterest board with all kinds of different free sewing patterns!

Click here to check out my Free Sewing Pattern Pinterest Board

I try to pin mostly patterns without difficult embroidery or patterns where they can be skipped/replace with buttons etc. Because most of us don’t have expensive embroidery machines and a lot of patterns require that.

I’d love to see your Tiny Mouse Plushie when you make them because you saw it on my blog. Please feel free to send me an email, a DM on Instagram or tag me (@Oktoberdots) in your photos!

17 April 2020
27 April 2020



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    Quirina den heijer

    1 May 2020

    Mooie muisjes! Ik ga binnenkort ook stof kopen en dan ga ik ze ook zeker maken.
    Lief dat je het patroon deelt.

  2. Reply


    1 May 2020

    Wat een schatjes zeg! Daar ben ik dan weer minder goed in, creatief met stof haha.

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