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The Fandom Collection

A few weeks ago I asked you guys what your favourite fandoms were. I got a LOT of answers haha, way more than I could do this first time. But I used the most-mentioned fandoms to make: The Fandom Collection.

You may not have seen my Instagram story where I asked for your favourite fandom. I’m sorry about that. Instagram only shows content to about 10% of your followers and there’s nothing I can do about that.

But if you did submit your answer, I hope you’ll find your favourite Fandom bookmark in my newest collection! If they sell well, it most certainly won’t be the last.

The Fandom Collection Bookmarks

Now, I don’t have any fancy photos yet as the bookmarks just arrived today. So here you can see the images I use in my webshop. But over time I’m going to replace these standard images with the most beautiful photos you make and share on Instagram.
[ The photo at the top of this blogpost is made by @books_o_sofie ]

Do you recognize all of the Fandoms? No worries if you don’t, because these are all of them from left to right:

Serpent & DoveThe Lunar ChroniclesThe Hungergames
A Court of Thorns And RosesPercy JacksonLord of the Rings
TwilightThe Darkest MindsShadowhunters/The Mortal Instruments
The SelectionThe Grishaverse/Shadow & BoneThe Chronicles of Narnia

Click here to see the entire collection

What’s your favourite fandom?

Comment your favourite fandom(s) below this blogpost and I will get my inspiration for the next Fandom Collection from your answers!

12 May 2020