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Save pumpkin seeds for planting


Every time I use a fresh pumpkin I wonder what to do with the seeds afterwards. It seems like such a waste to just throw them away, but making roasted pumpkin seeds for eating is so much work. That’s why I decided to save pumpkin seeds for planting!

Since we have a garden I love gardening and especially in my vegetable garden. This year I grew my first pumpkin and next year I definitely want to try and grow more! So I saved the seeds of a few different types of pumpkins. This is how you can do it too.

Store pumpkin seeds

Pick your pumpkin seeds

I picked as much pumpkin seeds as I could from the slimy inner parts of the pumpkin. Any seeds that are damaged by cutting the pumpkin or seeds that feel “empty” you can just throw out.

Wash the pumpkin seeds

After that I washed the seeds in a sieve under running, cold water.

Dry the pumpkin seeds

Dry the seeds on a towel as best as you can and remove any slimy bits that may still be between the seeds.

Let the pumpkin seeds dry

I put the seeds on a piece of cardboard or in an open carboard box. And let them air-dry for 5 to 7 days. You can shake the seeds a bit every other day so they won’t get stuck on the cardboard.

Store them in a closed container

When the seeds are dry, you can remove the see-through films that are on the seeds. And store them in a jar or container with a lid until you’re ready to sow them! And that’s how you save pumpkin seeds for planting.

Don’t forget to label the jars! Most pumpkin seeds look really a like and you don’t want to get them mixed up like I did. Because large types of pumpkin need way more space than small decorative pumpkins.

Planting your pumpkins

Start your own vegetable garden

You can sow the pumpkin seeds in a plant pot inside in april to get them started. Any seeds that don’t sprout after a month you can throw away. The seeds that did sprout you can plant outside in the full ground or in a large pot from half May.

Remember that pumpkin plants get really big. But if you don’t have that much floor space you can also make them grow vertically on a piece of fence or a ladder!

3 November 2019
14 November 2019


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