Bookmarks The DA Magical Bronze Quotes


A beautiful set of 4 bookmarks. All Bookmarks The DA Magical Bronze Quotes have bronze quotes of 4 side characters of the Harry Potter series. The bronze foil on the bookmarks makes them extra special!

• Each set contains 4 bookmarks
• All bookmarks are double sided
• Professionally printed on 400 grams MC paper
• Each bookmark has bronze foil on one side


Shipped in: 3 to 5 workdays

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Bookmarks The DA Magical Bronze Quotes

A gorgeous set of 4 bookmarks Bookmarks The DA Magical Bronze Quotes. The bookmarks have 4 different colours, dark brown, pink, copper and blue. And they have beautiful quotes from some members of Dumbledore’s Army from the Harry Potter series on the front in real bronze foil. Surrounded by stars, dots and small illustrations that match the characters. The backsides have matching prints in colours of one of the other bookmarks.

These are the quotes on the bookmarks:
– I shouldn’t have said that. I should NOT have said that – Rubeus Hagrid
– Anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve – Ginny Weasley
– Ask us no questions and we’ll tell you no lies – Fred & George Weasley
– I think they think I’m a bit odd, you know – Luna Lovegood

The Rubeus Hagrid bookmark has small flying dragons as illustrations. Ginny Weasley’s bookmark is illustrated with super cute pigmy puffs. The bookmark with Fred & George’s quote has 2 Quidditch beater bats. And Luna Lovegood’s bookmark has illustrations of her icon glasses!

These bookmarks are perfect for everyone that loves the Harry Potter series. Tag me in your Instagram photos @oktoberdotsshop and I’ll repost the most amazing photos!

Oktoberdots Bookmarks

All Oktoberdots bookmarks are professionally printed, so the paper is of real good quality and so is the print. The bookmarks are 17 cm high and 5,5 cm wide. Each set contains 4 different designs with back sides to match the front as can be seen on the second photo.

Please note: the shiny foil print is something that’s added after the print. So it’s on top of the bookmarks. Please be careful with bending them, because if you bend them too far the foil can break and come off.

All Oktoberdots designs are 100% original and made by and for Oktoberdots. You won’t find them anywhere else! Check out all the bookmarks here: Oktoberdots bookmarks

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