Bookmarks Fandom Disney Princesses


A beautiful set of 4 Bookmarks Fandom Disney Princesses. Printed with a gorgeous background and a quote in silver and bronze foil on the front.

• Set of 4 bookmarks
• Each bookmark is double sided
• Professionally printed on 400 grams MC paper
• The bookmarks have silver or bronze foil on the front side


Shipped in: 3 to 5 workdays

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Bookmarks Fandom Disney Princesses

The Bookmarks Fandom Disney Princesses is a set of 4 of a series of multiple Disney Fandom themed bookmarks. The first bookmark has a beautiful background with a bright-red apple that matches the fairytale of Snow White. And the second bookmark has a beautiful background of the bottom of the sea. The third bookmark has a beautiful background with a pond filled with lilies. And the last bookmarks has a beautiful background with an Asian building that matches the fairytale of Mulan. All the Bookmarks Fandom Disney Princesses have a quote from the story on the front side. All the frames, quotes and illustrations are all printed in amazing, shiny silver or bronze foil for a beautiful, magical effect. The backside of the bookmarks have the same background and a light see-through version of the illustration on the front.

The Disney quote on these bookmarks are:
Lips as red as the Rose, hair black as Ebony, skin white as Snow – Snow White
I don’t see how a World that makes such Wonderful Things could be bad – The Little Mermaid
There’s no say I’m Kissing a Frog and Eating a Bug on the same day – The Princess and the Frog
Reflect before you Snack.. Act! – Mulan

This bookmark is perfect for everyone that’s a fan of Disney books and movies. Tag me in your Instagram photos @oktoberdotsshop and I’ll repost the most amazing photos!

Oktoberdots Bookmarks

All Oktoberdots bookmarks are professionally printed, so the paper is of real good quality and so is the print. The bookmark is 17 cm high and 5,5 cm wide.

Please note: the shiny foil print is something that’s added after the print. So it’s on top of the bookmarks. Please be careful with bending them, because if you bend them too far the foil can break and come off.

All Oktoberdots designs are 100% original and made by and for Oktoberdots. You won’t find them anywhere else! Check out all the bookmarks here: Oktoberdots bookmarks

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