Bookmark Zodiac Aquarius


A beautiful bookmark Zodiac Aquarius with your zodiac sign, the matching element, ruling planet(s) and of course the colour that belongs with your sign.

• 1 single bookmark
• The bookmark is double sided
• Professionally printed on 400 grams MC paper
• One side is printed black, the other side is turquoise


Shipped in: 3 to 5 workdays

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Bookmark Zodiac Aquarius

The Bookmark Zodiac Aquarius is part of the Zodiac collection of 12 bookmarks with all zodiac signs. Each bookmark has amazing celestial designs with details that match the zodiac sign. You can find the zodiac sign illustration and symbol on the bookmark. As well as the element sign like earth, water, fire or wind. The planets that rule the zodiac sign, and of course the color that matches your sign. For the Bookmark Zodiac Aquarius it’s: Air as element, Uranus & Saturn as ruling planets and the color Turquoise.

One side of the Bookmark Zodiac Aquarius is black with illustrations in white and turquoise details, the other side of the bookmark has a turquoise background with white and black illustrations.

All Oktoberdots bookmarks are professionally printed, so the paper is of real good quality and so is the print. The bookmarks are 17 cm high and 5,5 cm wide.

Please note: The watermarks are NOT on the final design, it’s just in the images so the bookmarks can’t be copied. All Oktoberdots designs are 100% original and made by and for Oktoberdots. You won’t find them anywhere else!

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