Boekenleggers Botanisch Zomer


A beautiful set of Bookmarks Botanical Summer. A set of 4 botanical themed bookmarks with illustrations of flowers and plants that are perfect for Summer.

• Set of 4 bookmarks
• Each bookmark is double sided
• Professionally printed on 400 grams MC paper
• The illustrations on the back are in a different colour than the front


Shipped in: 3 to 5 workdays

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Bookmarks Botanical Summer

The Bookmarks Botanical Summer set is a set of 4 bookmarks with botanical illustrations of plants and flowers that are perfect for Summer. All the bookmarks have 4 to 6 plants and flowers that grow in late Spring and Summer. Sorted by colour, so there’s one with purple and lilac flowers, one with bright yellow and orange flowers. Another one with soft plants and one more with deep red-pink flowers. All plants have a number and on the bottom of the bookmark you can find their names. 

The Bookmarks Botanical Summer have the same illustration on the front and on the back. But the illustrations on the front are black and white with just a touch of colour for a more vintage look. While the illustrations on the back are in full colour.

These bookmarks are perfect for everyone that loves Winter and nature. Tag me in your Instagram photos @oktoberdotsshop and I’ll repost the most amazing photos!

All Oktoberdots bookmarks are professionally printed, so the paper is of real good quality and so is the print. The bookmarks are 17 cm high and 5,5 cm wide.

Please note: The watermarks are NOT on the final design, it’s just in the images so the bookmarks can’t be copied. All Oktoberdots designs are 100% original and made by and for Oktoberdots. You won’t find them anywhere else! Check out all the bookmarks here: Oktoberdots bookmarks

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