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Oktoberdots is BACK!

Here I am again! Was it a surprise? I don’t think it was for most of you. For any of you that are new here I’ll give a little explantion in this blogpost. Long story short: Oktoberdots is BACK!

Okay, small recap. I started my business Oktoberdots in 2010 as a graphic design studio.

Soon a webshop followed and all throughout the 10s I worked my butt off. But I got a stress-related illness, so I needed to rethink my business. I decided to sell all my stuff to other shops and just keep doing the design part.

But after a while I really missed making designs for myself, I only made things my customers liked. So I started the webshop back up again. Of course that didn’t work because soon I was working 60 hours a week again.

October 2018 I decided to quit Oktoberdots entrily, so I emailed all my design customers and started a sale. And on april 12th 2019 I shut my website down.


And then.. I got bored! Soooo bored! I’m not one to sit still and do nothing. So I thought about what I wanted for a few months. I didn’t want to design for customers anymore. Although I loved it, with my fulltime job it was to hard to make all the deadlines. It even made me miss events I really liked because I had to work all evenings.

But I did love having a webshop! Making things I liked and having people actually enjoy it too. The one thing I hated was the post service. It lost and/or ruined so many of my packages. So I decided to just send things by letter box mail and ship once a week instead of every day.

And one thing I’ve picked up a couple of times already was blogging. I had 2 Harry Potter themed blogs, a lifestyle blog and a kids lifestyle blog. But I wanted something closer, more personal.

That’s where we are now! A small webshop with just paper goods that can be send by letterbox mail and a blog with an Autumn theme, but where I’ll blog about everything I like.

So welcome back to the new Oktoberdots!

3 September 2019


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