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My Picks for a Vacation on the Canary Islands

Another outfit post? Yes, another outfit post! This time I’m going to show you my picks for a vacation on the Canary Islands. Don’t worry, not all of these items are new and some just look like things I already have. But I still thought it was fun to share my outfits with you.

Of course I do have SOME new things. It’s my birthday next week after all and I want to celebrate in style haha.

  1. Black destroyed Denim Shorts – I always buy these a size or 2 up, because I don’t like it when you can see my but hanging out haha and when they’re lower on my hips, they’re lower on my legs. But I really like these kinds of jeans shorts.
  2. Zebra print top – I never ever buy things with prints, but I wanted to have a bit more fun in my closet and this one from Object is really cute. And normally white fabric is a bit see-through, but this one isn’t!
  3. Long, airy green Cardigan – This is perfect to wear over your swimwear or with shorts and a top!
  4. Big black hat – Like I said, I love my new big hat from ASOS, so it definitely has to come with me on vacation.
  5. Black Sparkling top – I think this will be part of my birthday outfit. It’s super casual but still has a little sparkle.
  6. The. Best. Tankini. Ever! – I don’t like bikinis, they’re too revealing. But I don’t like swimsuits sticking to my body either. So this tankini is perfect!
  7. Fishnet stockings – Huh? Yeah, I’ve seen multiple girls wear fishnet stockings underneath their shorts and I love it! These ones are from C&A, but you can get them anywhere.
  8. Moon & Star Necklace – Again, loving anything celestial and this necklace from Lucardi is amazing. I love layered necklaces.
  9. Green & lace top – Okay, it’s not a print, but it’s definitely not boring either! It’s from ONLY and they have it in multiple colours.
  10. Light blue Jeggings – Yup, I’m that girl. I admit, these are my first jeggings ever so I’m not sure yet, but they feel soooo soft!
  11. Platform Sandals! – Aren’t they cute? I don’t like most sandals, but add a platform sole and I’m sold! These ones from Buffalo walk like a dream.
  12. Flower Shorts – What can I say, they feel and look amazing.
    Edit: I would NOT recommend these. After wearing them once they ripped at the seams and the fabric is too thin to fix it.
  13. Moon & Star Bracelet – It’s a set, I just could not not buy these and they’re real silver.
  14. Vans Sk8 Hi Platform Shoes – Vans NEVER go out of style!

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So these are some of the items that’ll definitely go with me to Fuertaventura! I thought it would be fun to show you what I’m wearing in warmer weather, because I’m always struggling to find cool outfits for the summer days and maybe these can inspire someone.


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My Picks for a Vacation on the Canary Islands
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