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Movie Night at Home

Last Friday my husband organised a super special movie night at home. Of course we watch movies more often. But this time he made sure to bring the vibe of an actual movie theater to our home. If you’d like to do that for your spouse too, here are some tips & printables to make it extra special!

It started Friday afternoon when I got a movie ticket to come see a movie in our home cinema “VIP style”. Which was super cute! So if you’d like to organise a special movie night, make tickets!

Movie ticket

To make things a little easier for you I made a printable page with Movie tickets and food & drinks tickets. You can print them in colour or in black & white on coloured paper so the backsides aren’t boring.

Download the tickets for your Movie Night at Home

I was told the movie would begin at 20.00h at our home cinema and I needed to be on time.

So at 20.00h precisely I went upstair to the attic where our cinema/game room is. My husband was at the top of the stairs to check my ticket. And he had an assortment of typical “movie snacks” like M&M’s, nuts and chips by the door I could choose from.

Movie night snacks

I went inside, the lights went out and the trailers started (yes! He even thought about the trailers haha). This was such a cute little extra! While I was watching the trailers my “welcome drink” was served. A delicious glass of prosecco with fruit.

Like in an actual movie theater I wasn’t allowed to use my phone. But luckily I was allowed to take bathroom-breaks without having to miss anything haha. During the “break” I chose another snack and drink and we continued to watch the movie.

Movie night movie!

You can say it’s really simple, this Movie Night at Home, which it is. But it felt super special like a real night out and I’d advise anyone that’s stuck at home for whatever reason to try and do the same! Make it cosy and fun yourself, you deserve it and I’m sure the person you organise it for will love it too!

29 March 2020
2 April 2020


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    1 May 2020

    Wat een leuk idee! Ga ik binnenkort eens met de kids doen! Bedankt voor de inspiratie

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