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Mini Pumpkin Pies

Maybe you’ve made a big version of a Pumpkin Pie before, maybe you haven’t but today I’m sharing with you the very simple recipe for small pumpkin pies! A little less filling and a bit more crust.

Another great thing about these mini pumpkin pies is that you can make as little or many as you need. A big pie is a big pie, it serves a lot of people. And sometimes that’s exactly what you need, but other times you only need pie for 4 people. And that’s where these Mini Pumpkin Pies come in handy!

Click here for the Mini Pumpkin Pie recipe

Tip! These pumpkin pies are also amazing as a dessert. Warm them up a little in the oven before serving and serve the whipped cream next to them. They taste even better when they’re slightly warm!

3 November 2019