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Long weekend in Venice

Venice has been on the top of my travel list for quite some time and last October we finally got to go there! So we went for a long weekend in Venice and fully enjoyed the city.

Unfortnatley our vacation in Venice started with a cancelled hotel we knew nothing about. We booked our vacation at Bebsy.nl, a pretty well-known travel origanisation. But when we arrived at the hotel we booked, the manager told us our reservation had been cancelled a week before. So instead of unpacking and enjoying the city, we spend our first day there trying to get a new hotel that wasn’t way worse than the one we booked..

Late night dinner

After that was fixed we got a cab to our new hotel, Hotel President, which was a perfectly fine hotel. We decided to take a quick nap, and woke up 4 hours later, oops! We went into the city for a bite to eat and ended up at a really fun place, Bacaro Quebrado, where we chatted with the locals for hours!

Exploring Venice

The next day we finally got to explore the city! It’s so pretty in Venice, you could take photos of every building and every cute bridge you see. Because it was a Thursday, the city wasn’t too busy so we could really take our time.

By accident we walked past the Leonardo da Vinci museum, which I really wanted to visit. Inside you can learn more about the history of Da Vinci, all the things he’s done for the medical world, but also all of his amazing inventions. They build quite a lot of them and you’re allowed to touch them and try them out, so very cool to do with kids too!

After our museum visit we had lunch on the water at Ristorante La Calcina, a bit more expensive than elsewhere, but the view was amazing and the food was really good.

We wandered around for the rest of the day, so many pretty things to see in Venice. In the afternoon we went for drinks and tapas at Al Parlemento. They had all kinds of delicious snacks and it’s a great place right near the water.

Murano & Burano

Today we decided to visit 2 neighbour island of Venice: Murano & Burano. We took the public transport boat there, which was really really crowded but a lot cheaper than a taxi boat. Be there on time though, because we waited for 45 minutes on an off-season Friday and waiting in line is no way to spend your long weekend in Venice.

Both islands have pretty coloured houses and they both have a profession they’re famous about. Murano is famous for its beautifully hand-blown glass and Burano is known for it’s delicate lace.

We were very happy we decided to visit the islands today and not the day after on Saturday because I can’t imagine how long the line for the boats must have been that day!

Some more Venice

Like we thought, weekends in Venice are extremely busy. We went to see some more highlights of the city but it was so crowded. I mean, just look at the photo with the cruise ship below! Can you imagine how busy it is when all those people get off the boat? And this wasn’t the only one! So we decided to just go somewhere for a drink and enjoy the weather.

I’d really recommend going to see Venice if you ever have the chance. It’s a beautiful, old city, just don’t go there on the weekends. Try to visit it Monday through Thursday if you can, you’re much more able to enjoy the city that way. So no Long weekend in Venice, but a mid-week in Venice 😉


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