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HappySoaps Plastic Free Shampoo

I’ve been thinking out trying shampoo bars for a while now. When I see how many plastic bottles I throw out every months I feel really guilty. So when I saw these HappySoaps Plastic Free Shampoo bars at one of my favourite shops a few weeks ago, I knew it was time!

I didn’t really have a favourite brand of shampoo. I usually switch things up a bit, see what’s on sale and if there’s something new. But all that shampoo in plastic bottles began to bother me more and more.

And then, all of a sudden one of my favourite shops Stip & Bloem started selling shampoo bars from a Dutch brand by two Dutch guys called Marcel & Marco: HappySoaps. I just knew it was the right moment to switch to plastic free. And not only are these bars plastic free, they’re also vegan, palm-oil free and not tested on animals!

Plastic Free shampoo bars from HappySoaps

I ordered two different types of shampoo bars. Because both sides of my split-dyed hair need different treatments.

The black side gets greasy very easily, so for that side I bought the “Aloë You Vera Much” shampoo bar with aloe vera. This is perfect for damaged hair, but also for greasy hair.

And for the very bleached side I need something that’s way more nourishing, because it’s dry and damaged. So I ordered the “Tea-Riffic” shampoo bar for that side.

Using the HappySoaps Plastic Free Shampoo bars

I’ve been using the shampoo bars for a few weeks now and I must say: I’m impressed!

In the beginning I had to get used to using it, especially because I didn’t know how long I had to rub the bars on my head for. But you can always rub it again if you need more. It’s actually very easy to use now.

My hair feels a bit rough when I get out of the shower, but once my hair dries it feels amazing! Soft and shiny, and I really feel like it takes a day longer before my hair gets greasy again.

I do recommend buying the bag for storing the bars. I forgot to order that and now I have to take the shampoo out of the shower every time because I have no dry spot to put it. And if you let it get wet the entire time you shower it melts away.

But like I said, I’m really impressed by how nice these bars are! So once I run out of my bottled shampoo, I’m sticking with these plastic free shampoo bars.

Last week they also released their plastic free deodorant based on baking soda. And I read on the Instagram account of HappySoaps that they’ll be releasing conditioner bars end of May!! I really can’t wait to try those and when I do, I’ll be sure to let you guys know how I liked them.

2 May 2020