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Handmade Bat Plushies

If you’re following me on my personal Instagram page, you can’t have missed them: my Handmade Bat Plushies!

Making stuffed animals or plushies is something very different than making bookmarks. But that’s always been the idea behind my shop. I don’t want to be limited by just one thing, that’s why my name “Oktoberdots” is super universal. I just have a big love for Autumn and I think these Bat Plushies fit perfectly in that theme.

Big black teddy bat plush

It all started because I actually wanted a Bat toy for myself, but I couldn’t find one. And when I finally found the perfect bat, it turned out to be a sewing pattern, not an actual bat. I’m always up for trying new things, so I bought the pattern from BeeZeeArt and decided to just try it out.

Handmade Bat Plushies for sale

All of your reactions to my bats were SO sweet! So instead of just making one or 2 for myself, I decided to make a bunch and sell them. They’ll be for sale online in my shop at 15.00h (CET) on April 17th 2020. But I’ve only made 11, so when they’re gone, they’re gone!

Small tartan bat stuffed animal

I’ve seen small bat plushies sell for over $130,- but I wanted to keep it fair. So my prices are literally just the hours I worked on them + the material costs. That way I can keep them as affordable as possible, but I can also justify making them.

Bat plushies family

The 3 small bats will be sold for €35,- each and the 8 big bats will be sold for €55,- without shipping costs. I’ll pack each bat plushie with love and you’ll get an adoption form with each one in either Dutch or English.

All bats are made with good quality fabrics like fleece, mink, tartan and fake fur. The heads and ears are hand-sewn and therefor the weakest parts, but I’ve used very firm “iron yarn” so it’s extra strong. And of course I used special safety eyes so they don’t come loose.

Handmade bat plushies trio

Anyway, I hope you’ll love my Handmade Bat plushies just as much as I do. And while it’s hard saying goodbye to them, I hope they’ll all find a new home soon!

22 April 2020


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