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Gold & silver Christmas pumpkins


Completely ready for Christmas but not tired of your pumpkins yet? I totally get it! And you donโ€™t have to get rid of them when you start decorating your home in Christmas style. Just make these Gold & Silver Christmas pumpkins that’ll go great with all Christmas decorations!

If you’re lucky decorative pumpkins can last months, last year I still had pumpkins around the house on my birthday in February. So it’s a shame to just throw them out after Autumn ends. That’s why I decided to spray-paint them gold and silver to match my Christmas decoration.

All you need are:
– Pumpkins (duh)
– Spray paint in the colors you want, I chose silver and gold but red and green would also be great for Christmas!
– Masking tape
– Something to cover the ground with

Tape the stalks of the pumpkins if you want them to keep their original colour. I just taped the big ones, the small ones I spray-painted completely.

Place the pumpkins a bit apart on a big piece of cardboard or tarp so you don’t paint the floor and paint the pumpkins as far around as you can without moving them.

Let them dry for about an hour and then spray the bottom and other parts you couldn’t reach the first time. I didn’t paint the bottoms of the biggest pumpkins because you don’t see them, but the small ones I wanted to put in a glass jar so they needed to be completely painted.

When the painted Gold & silver Christmas pumpkins are dry you can decorate your home with them again! I put the big ones next to our front door, the medium ones on a gardening table in the garden and the small one combined with pinecones in a jar inside!

This way you can enjoy your pumpkins so much longer. Because the shape is still very festive, and now so are the colours! Next year I’m going to mix it up with red I think.

15 November 2019