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Garden Makeover

When we moved from our appartement to an actual house, one of the things we looked forward to most was having a garden! Sitting outside, having a small vegetable garden, more room for the bunnies to roam. But before we could enjoy the new outside space we first had to do a Garden Makeover (on a budget)!

I’ll show you some photos of the “garden” when we bought the house. Now I wouldn’t call this a garden actually, it’s more of a stone courtyard. You could count the number of plants on one hand and the entire ground was paved.

Before the Garden Makeover

Making a design

I immediately knew I needed way more plants, a border for my flowers and one for my vegetables, grass and a corner for the bunnies so they could walk outside all day. So I decided to make a sketch with the proper sizes so we could see what would fit and what wouldn’t.

We ended changing it up a bit so the fence around the bunnies would end on the same line as the sitting area. And we wanted a raised terrace in the left corner but that was pretty expensive, so we skipped that one. But the rest pretty much stayed like the design.

Recycled materials

Because we’d just bought a house when we started, we didn’t have a ton of money to spend, so the only new thing we bought were the lounge set and the fence for the bunny-area.

I build the stone walls for the borders with the stones we took out of the ground to make room for the grass. We switched the big paves to the back where the terrace would be. And with the remaining tiles we made stepping stones by chopping off the straight edges with a hammer.

But now that the garden was all pretty, the one eyesore was the ugly stone shed in the back. So 2 weeks ago we decided to invest a little more money in the garden (since we can’t go on vacation anyway) and started timbering the back wall. I can honestly say I’m SO HAPPY we decided to do that, it changed the entire vibe of our garden.

Our Garden Makeover Result

And this is the result! A cosy sitting area:

Enough space for the bunnies to walk outside all day:

A vegetable border and potting station for me:

Grass with stepping stones and a flower border:

A corner for our container out of sight (the gardenhose is in that place in this photo). We hope the ivy will grow fast so you don’t see it anymore. And some extra plants in front of the windows:

And that’s it! I’m definitely calling our Garden Makeover a BIG succes! I love it so much now and because of the grass and plants it stays much cooler then when it was just stone.

27 April 2020



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    30 April 2020

    Wauw superleuk gedaan! Je groentes/kruiden-plekje is ook zo leuk. Echt gezellig geworden!

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    1 May 2020

    Wat een verschil zeg! En wat leuk dat de konijnen nu ook meer plek buiten hebben. Die van ons liep ook altijd in de tuin. Onze tuin is nu met allemaal stenen maar willen als het weer toelaat nieuwe plantenbakken en plantjes halen!

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    2 May 2020

    Wauw! Wat een fijne en mooie tuin is het geworden! Ik zou ook heel graag een kruiden/groententuintje willen, nu staat de woonkamer vol, hoop dat de wortels, radijsjes enz. goed gaan groeien ๐Ÿ˜‰

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      3 May 2020

      Wat leuk dat je ze nu gewoon in je huis hebt staan!

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