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Fandom Collection Expansion

oktoberdots contemporary fandom collection expansion

After the first release of the Fandom Collection in May it has never been this busy in my shop. I had no idea how much everyone would like the bookmarks. So when it was clear to me that most of the bookmarks would be sold out in a few weeks I started thinking about a Fandom Collection Expansion.

And here we are! A little under 2 months later and there’s already a second print of the Fandom bookmarks and.. as promised in the blog title, an expansion!

Your favourite fandoms

I asked you guys on Instagram what your favourite bookish fandoms were and I got SO. Many. Answers! You all wanted your favourite books to have a bookmark of its own and I love that.

Unfortunately I had to choose because:
If I made all request bookmarks, the collection would have been way too big.
B.) Not all fandoms are that popular or well-known. And while I enjoy a lot of less-popular books myself, people need to know and like a series to buy my bookmarks.
C.) Sometimes I really didn’t know what a book was about. I’ve read A LOT of summaries over the past months to see what the vibes were of books that I haven’t read my self, but sometimes it just didn’t feel right.

Contemporary Fandom Collection Expansion Bookmarks

These are the new bookmarks that made it to the collection:

These are the fandoms featured on the new bookmarks from left to right:

A Darker Shade of MagicCaraval The Cruel Prince
The Devouring GrayDivergentThe Graces
Helen GraceHis Dark MaterialsThe Hobbit
The Raven BoysThe Immortal Nicolas FlamelStalking Jack the Ripper
Throne of GlassA Winter’s Promise

But that’s not all!

Now that I got the bookmarks printed in both bronze AND silver foil, I also decided to switch some bookmarks up. So 4 of them now have 2 options you can choose.

The Lord of the Rings bookmark comes with the illustration of a sword or a dragon. And the Lunar Chronicles, Percy Jackson and Shadowhunters bookmarks are available in bronze and silver!

At each of these bookmarks you get the option to choose the ones you want.

That’s it for now! Go check out the new expanded collection and make sure you get those you want fast because they’re super popular and selling fast.

But I’ve got more fun things coming in the next months! Make sure you subscribe to the Oktoberdots Newsletter so you don’t miss anything because it’s going to be fun!

30 June 2020


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