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Easy Rhubarb Jam

Let’s start by saying: I LOVE making jam! It’s so easy and so much fun, I just love eating homemade food. And it’s also great to give as a gift. I made jam twice before, blackberry jam and cranberry jam. But today I went for a Spring-favourite: easy Rhubarb Jam.

Making your own jam is really simple. Especially once you get the hang of it you don’t need thermometers and such anymore. Like I said, this was the third time I made my own jam and I knew exactly when the consistency was right.

This is what you need to make your own easy rhubarb jam:

  • Rhubarb
  • Granulated sugar
  • Optional: red food colouring

Start by chopping up your rhubarb into pieces of about 0,5 to 1 cm each. Put them in a pot with a thick bottom, like a Dutch oven.

Add half of the weight of the rhubarb in sugar. So if you use 500 grams of rhubarb, use 250 grams of sugar. You can always add more if your rhubarb is very sour, but you can’t take it out anymore, so be careful!

If you want, you can put a bit of (natural) food colouring in to your jam to make it look more attractive. Rhubarb jam can be a very dirty green-ish colour.

Cook the rhubarb and sugar mixture on medium heat until the rhubarb starts to dissolve. You can start to taste the hot jam when it looks like this:

Does it need more sugar? Add more sugar! Is it just right? Perfect!

How to test if your jam is ready

One of the easiest ways to test if your jam has the right consistency is by putting a bit of the mixture on a cold spoon. Don’t freeze your spoon, just keep it in the fridge.

Use one spoon to put a bit of hot jam onto the cold spoon and if it’s still too runny, cook the jam a bit longer. You can make it as firm as you like!

And that’s all there is to it! This easy Rhubarb jam goes great with toast or scones. But it’ll probably taste amazing with some icecream too!

12 May 2020


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