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Dalgona Coffee

Dalgona Coffee recipe

When I posted a photo of this drink on my Instagram stories last week I got a lot of questions about it. I somehow assumed everyone would know what Dalgona Coffee is, because I’ve been seeing it everywhere. But apparently it’s not that well-known yet. That’s why I’m sharing the recipe on here too!

One of the best things about this social distancing is how creative people get! I love seeing everyone make and bake things. The funny thing about Instagram is how there are always certain trends. Like in the last few weeks I’ve seen people go nuts about coffee, sour dough bread and bananabread. I love it!

What do you need for Dalgona Coffee:

  • Instant coffee
  • Caster sugar
  • Hot water
  • (Coconut) milk
  • Optional: ice

This drink is a cold iced-coffee kind of drink. And making it is super easy! I usually make quite a lot because you can easily keep it in the refrigerator for a few days. That way you don’t have to make the coffee cream every time you want a drink.

Mix equal amounts of instant coffee, sugar and hot water and whip it until you have a thick, smooth cream. You can mix it by hand, but that’ll take you a while so I used an electric handmixer.

Put some ice-cold milk in a tall glass, I used Alpro’s Cold Pressed Coconut. If you want it even colder, you can put some icecubes in it. And scoop the coffee cream on top of it.

There you have it! An amazing, homemade iced coffee that looks great too. I usually don’t drink coffee, more like never actually, but you can make this iced coffee drink as strong (or weak in my case) as you like. And the coconut gives it an amazing tropical taste.

22 April 2020
30 April 2020



  1. Reply


    30 April 2020

    Hij staat op mijn lijstje om uit te proberen! Heb alleen nooit oploskoffie in huis 😉

    • Reply


      1 May 2020

      Wij ook niet eigenlijk, maar we hadden het toevallig met kerst in een kerstpakket zitten haha!

  2. Reply


    1 May 2020

    Hmm. Maar eens kijken of ik ergens oploskoffie kan vinden die ook lactosevrij is!

    • Reply


      1 May 2020

      Ik wist niet dat er in gewone oploskoffie lactose zit (ik geloof je meteen hoor!). Maar ik bedoel niet die zakjes waarmee je kant-en-klare cappuccino maakt he. Maar echt die donkerbruine korrels in zo’n pot 🙂

  3. Reply


    2 May 2020

    Ziet er lekker uit! Alleen jammer dat ik geen coco’s lust

    • Reply


      3 May 2020

      Werkt ook prima met gewone melk, soja melk of amandelmelk! Wat je maar wilt 😊

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