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Christmas Markets Cologne Germany

Half December we went to the big Christmas Markets in Cologone Germany. Unfortunately I didn’t have the time to write this blog before the markets closed this year. But if you read this post you’ll know it’s definitely worth visiting the Christmas Markets Cologne Germany next year!

Cologne or Köln in German is a city in the South-West of Germany, pretty close to the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and even some parts of France. It’s the 4th largest city of Germany, but despite that, the city center is really nice and compact.

The city of Cologne is pretty modern because it was mostly destroyed in the Second World War. So unfortunately not many big, beautiful, old building there. But the cathedral is really very impressive!

Of course we weren’t in Cologne for the architecture, we were there for the Christmas Markets! And they have plenty of those. There are 7 different markets through out the city. 5 of them in the city center and 2 a bit further away. They all have their own style, so it doesn’t feel like visiting the same market 7 times.

We started the day with a Gluhwein and a hot chocolate with Baileys as soon as we entered the market. And we didn’t stop eating and drinking for the rest of the day haha. We booked a night in hotel Brandenburger Hof so we didn’t have to drive home late at night. This way we could drink all we want! The hotel was very nice and clean and the staff was incredibly friendly. It’s close to the cathedral so you’re in the center in no time at all.

We mostly stayed in the city center because we did everything by foot. And the second day when we wanted to visit the remaining 2 Christmas markets the weather was terrible. So we only visited the one in the harbour, but because of the rain it wasn’t very fun and we didn’t stay. But I’m sure those markets will be great too when the weather’s a bit better.

And did I mention there are too many amazing shops? They all have their specialities, from drinks, food and candy to all kinds of cute things for your home or clothing and accessories.

The normal stores we’re super Christmassy with beautiful decorations too.

And even if you don’t like shopping or eating and drinking, you can still have a fun time because you can ice skate or participate in curling too!

The Christmas Markets in Cologne Germany were really cool, we had a blast visiting the different markets and eating and drinking everything.

22 December 2019


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    30 April 2020

    De kerstmarkt in keulen is mijn favoriet! Elk jaar gaan we wel een weekend naar een kerstmarkt in Duitsland! Hopelijk kunnen we dit jaar weer 😀 al denk ik dat ik die in keulen me wat te druk is met een kinderwagen 🙂

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