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Chocolate Frogs

One of the most magical sweets from the Harry Potter films for me will always be Chocolate Frogs. But the original frogs from Warner Bros are pretty expensive. That’s why I show you how to make them yourself!

Chocolate Frogs are already featured in the train in the first Harry Potter film. Maybe that’s why it is one of my favorite sweets at the start of the Harry Potter series. But anyway, they can’t be missed while watching Harry Potter movies!

You need this for 6 Chocolate Frogs:

  • Chocolate of your choice (approximately 250 grams)
  • One or more pans
  • One or more bowls
  • A Chocolate Frog mold
  • A spoon

Pick your chocolate of choice, I used white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate, and melt it in bowl a bain marie until the chocolate is completely liquid. The nice thing about white chocolate is that you can give it any color you want with food coloring, for example green!

Then carefully spoon the chocolate into the chocolate frog molds. You can mix chocolate, make layers, drops and of course just one taste per frog.

When you have completely filled the moulds, shake gently but very quickly with the mould, almost a sort of vibrating. This ensures that all bubbles float to the top and you’ll get nice, smooth Chocolate Frogs without bubbles.

Let the chocolate cool and solidified completely. The fastest way to do this is in the fridge, but on colder days you can also let them solidify outside the fridge. Inside as well as outside the fridge it takes a few hours for your frogs to harden completely, don’t try to squeeze them out of the moulds too quickly.

When your frogs have cooled down completely, you can easily take the Chocolate Frogs out of the mould by gently bending the mould so that the frogs release from the edges. The frogs are very sturdy so will not just break, but don’t let them fall from the mould too high of course.

8 September 2019
15 September 2019


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