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The Fandom Collection

A few weeks ago I asked you guys what your favourite fandoms were. I got a LOT of answers haha, way more than I could do this first time. But I used the most-mentioned fandoms to make: The Fandom Collection.

You may not have seen my Instagram story where I…

Handmade Bat Plushies

If you’re following me on my personal Instagram page, you can’t have missed them: my Handmade Bat Plushies!

Making stuffed animals or plushies is something very different than making bookmarks. But that’s always been the idea behind my shop. I don’t want to be limited by just one thing,…

Magic collection 2020

It’s been quite some times since the last collection, but I’m finally back with something new. The Magic Collection 2020 is here! All of the new bookmarks are inspired by the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

As I told you guys before, I try to work a little less and…

Christmas Collection 2019

Woohoo! With Christmas approaching fast it’s time for the Oktoberdots Christmas Collection 2019 and it’s a really festive one! The new Christmas collection contains 2 sets of bookmarks, a set of postcards and a set of stickers.


Like the Autumn collection this again is a small collection. I tried to…

Autumn Collection 2019

Two days ago I let you guys know I was back, maybe you’ve already checked the shop, but the Autumn Collection 2019 is here! It’s a small collection, just like I wanted. Now I can treat Oktoberdots like a hobby again instead of a second fulltime job.


The Autumn Collection…

Oktoberdots is BACK!

Here I am again! Was it a surprise? I don’t think it was for most of you. For any of you that are new here I’ll give a little explantion in this blogpost. Long story short: Oktoberdots is BACK!

Okay, small recap. I started my business Oktoberdots in 2010 as…