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Magic collection 2020

It’s been quite some times since the last collection, but I’m finally back with something new. The Magic Collection 2020 is here! All of the new bookmarks are inspired by the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

As I told you guys before, I try to work a little less and…

Winter Home Decor

Now that Christmas is over and I’m removing all the Holiday decorations a house can feel really empty. That’s why I didn’t take it all down, but just removed the Christmas things and replaced them with Winter home decor.

On one hand I thinks it’s nice to have a clean…

Christmas Markets Cologne Germany

Half December we went to the big Christmas Markets in Cologone Germany. Unfortunately I didn’t have the time to write this blog before the markets closed this year. But if you read this post you’ll know it’s definitely worth visiting the Christmas Markets Cologne Germany next year!

Cologne or KΓΆln…