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Pompom Garland

Some of you have been asking why I’m making so many pompoms. Well, one reason is: I just like making them while watching Netflix or a movie. The other reason: this cute pompom garland!

There’s just something really soothing about making pompoms. You don’t really have to think, you’re just…

Pompom Maker

Last week I bought a set of pompom makers because I’m doing a few projects with pompoms. And after showing it on Instagram I got quite a few question from you about it. So I decided to show you guys how the pompom maker works!

It’s kinda scary, because I…

Long weekend in Venice

Venice has been on the top of my travel list for quite some time and last October we finally got to go there! So we went for a long weekend in Venice and fully enjoyed the city.

Unfortnatley our vacation in Venice started with a cancelled hotel we knew nothing…

Autumn Apple Cocktail

I love me a nice drink, especially if it’s autumn themed and I can tell you al though it’s drink tastes great in all seasons this Autumn Apple Cocktail brings all the fall flavours!

Another big plus about this cocktail is that it’s very easy and cheap. You only need…

A week on Fuertaventura

To escape the dark, gloomy months at the beginning of the year we decided to go on a short vacation. Just one week away from all the boring grey in the Netherlands. We decided to spend a week on Fuertaventura, one of the Canary Islands!

Because we don’t like spending…