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Garden Makeover

When we moved from our appartement to an actual house, one of the things we looked forward to most was having a garden! Sitting outside, having a small vegetable garden, more room for the bunnies to roam. But before we could enjoy the new outside space we first had…

Pompom Garland

Some of you have been asking why I’m making so many pompoms. Well, one reason is: I just like making them while watching Netflix or a movie. The other reason: this cute pompom garland!

There’s just something really soothing about making pompoms. You don’t really have to think, you’re just…

Winter Home Decor

Now that Christmas is over and I’m removing all the Holiday decorations a house can feel really empty. That’s why I didn’t take it all down, but just removed the Christmas things and replaced them with Winter home decor.

On one hand I thinks it’s nice to have a clean…