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Pumpkin Cake

Today is our second wedding anniversary! So as a treat to you guys I’m sharing our favourite ever cake recipe with you. As you know, I cook with pumpkin pretty often, but this Pumpkin Cake is really the Best. Thing. Ever!

This cake has all the best spices, it’s incredibly…

Chocolate Frogs

One of the most magical sweets from the Harry Potter films for me will always be Chocolate Frogs. But the original frogs from Warner Bros are pretty expensive. That’s why I show you how to make them yourself!

Chocolate Frogs are already featured in the train in the first Harry…

Wizard Hat Cakes

If you’ve paid close attention to the tables at the Halloween Feast in the first Harry Potter movies you might have seen them: Wizard Hat Cakes. Fun brown cones covered in sprinkles that resemble Wizard hats.

Look, this is the scene I’m talking about. They look very cute and they’re…