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Dalgona Coffee

When I posted a photo of this drink on my Instagram stories last week I got a lot of questions about it. I somehow assumed everyone would know what Dalgona Coffee is, because I’ve been seeing it everywhere. But apparently it’s not that well-known yet. That’s why I’m sharing…

Cheesy Beerdip with Soft Pretzels

Looking for something different to snack this weekend? I’m always up for trying new things, but this Cheesy Beerdip with Soft Pretzels has been one of my favourites for years!

A few years back I was looking for “American Snacks” for my birthday, since I usually do themed birthdays,…

Autumn Apple Cocktail

I love me a nice drink, especially if it’s autumn themed and I can tell you al though it’s drink tastes great in all seasons this Autumn Apple Cocktail brings all the fall flavours!

Another big plus about this cocktail is that it’s very easy and cheap. You only need…