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My April Reads

Another month gone and passed. In the last month I read 3 books, not that many but one of the books was well over 800 pages. I admit I did something horrible to that book! I’ll tell you in this post about my April reads.

For some reason I don’t…

My March Reads

This is my third book-post already! It’s not that exciting this month though. I’ve only read 2 books this month because of the global pandemic I wasn’t really in the mood to read, but also because I didn’t enjoy one of the books. So these 2 books are my…

My February Reads

This month I read 5 books, woohoo! Partly because we were on vacation to the Canary Islands, so I had plenty of time to read. I read even more than I show here, but I didn’t include the books I didn’t finish. These are my February reads.

Like I said,…

My January Reads

I thought it would be fun to start sharing the books I’ve read each month. Now I’m definitely not a book-critic, but I love reading and I finish multiple books each month. Today I’ll share my January Reads.

Some books you’ll see will be in Dutch, others in English. But…