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Butterscotch Stewed Pears

Earlier is shared with you my favorite recipe for traditional stewed pears. But there are so much more flavours to add to stewed pears, like these delicious Butterscotch Stewed Pears.

The recipe was a bit of a gamble, I’ve never seen anyone make Stewed Pears with Butterscotch before. But I thought the combination sounded great! And I was right, this recipe is amazing. While the Traditional Stewed Pears remind of Christmas because if the colour and wine, these ones are definitely perfect for Autumn!

The recipe is pretty much the same as the one for the classical stewed pears. I just skipped the star anise, swapped the 350 ml of red wine for 250 ml Butterscotch liquor. And added brown sugar in stead of regular sugar.

Click here for the Traditional Stewed Pears recipe

Once they’re done you have pears with a beautiful caramel colour and taste!


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