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Autumn leaf Clay Dish

I haven’t worked with clay in a long time, but when I came across this air-drying clay I bought it immediately. In the meantime it’s been in my drawers for a year. But I’ve finally decided what to do with it! I’m going to make an Autumn leaf clay dish to put my jewellery on at night.

Usually I just put my rings and other jewellery on my nightstand. But after being scared that I’d lost my weddingring a few times, I decided I needed a nice jewellery dish to put everything on. And what’s more fun than making them yourself?

This is what you need to make your Autumn leaf Clay Dish:

  • Autumn leaf patterns
  • Clay (I used air drying clay)
  • A knife
  • Bowls or aluminium foil
  • Paint
  • Varnish

Let’s start!

One BIG tip before you start: DO NOT roll out the clay too thin!
It’s not funny when you put all the effort in making these cute trinket dishes and after drying they all fall apart. Trust me, I speak from experience..

Download the leaf stencil you want to use:
Click here to download the Small autumn leafs
Click here to download the Medium autumn leafs
Click here to download the Large autumn leafs

Cut the leafs from the stencil you want to use. I cut out 3 medium ones and a big one.

Roll out the clay until you have a smooth, flat surface.
(Don’t make it too thin!! I did and that’s why you don’t see a finished result of the big leaf..)
And put the leaf shape on top.

Carefully cut the shape of the leaf into the clay and remove the access clay. Don’t remove the paper leaf yet.

Trace the lines of the leaf with a pen or something else with a rounded point. After tracing you can remove the paper leaf.

Smooth out the rough edges with a bit of water and the tip of your finger. Carefully lift the clay leaf from the surface.

Put the clay leaf(s) in a bowl or make a shape out of aluminium foil for your leaf. And let them dry, follow the instructions of the clay you’re using.

If you need to bake it in the oven I’d recommend using the aluminium foil method so the clay doesn’t get stuck in your bowl.

Time to paint!

Once your clay has dried, you can remove the autumn leafs from the bowl and start to paint them.

I’m using super cheap acrylic paint. I wouldn’t recommend watercolour paints because they can make the clay go soft again.

The first layer of paint will probably dry very quickly because the clay is porous and will suck up most of the paint. You’ll need about 2 or 3 layers of paint to get a nice, even colour.

I decided to experiment a bit and gave one of the leafs golden edges. I didn’t have gold paint, so I used nail polish and it worked really well!

After the paint was dry, I used this wood lacquer to varnish the Autumn leaf clay dishes. You can use other types of varnish too, but I like this one because it’s not super shiny and dries within 5 minutes.

The varnish also helps to even out the paint, so you don’t see the small imperfections any more.

And that’s it! Your super cute Autumn Leaf Clay Dish(es) are ready!

2 April 2020



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    29 April 2020

    Wat een super leuk idee! Ze zijn heel mooi geworden, vooral de gouden en het gouden randje ๐Ÿ™‚

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