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Antique Side-table Makeover

Oktoberdots Antique Side-table Makeover

Last week I found this super cute side-table in a thrift-store near my work. I’ve been looking for a small table with a bottom shelf to put my magazines and books of for a while now and while this table definitely needed some love, it was just perfect. That’s why I started this antique side-table makeover.

I must say it looks pretty okay in the photos haha, but it was way worse in real life. Chips of the paint, deep scratches and a lot of stains. The paint was very dull and the bottom of the legs were all splintery.

Antique Side-table Makeover Before

This is what the table looked like when I bought it. Like I said, it actually looks pretty okay in the photos. You can see how bad the bottom of the legs are, I think it was stored in a shed or something for a while. That also shows in the amount of dead spiders and spiderwebs in the drawer and on the bottom.

The handle was almost coming off and very rusty. And I don’t think the inside of the drawer was ever painted or cleaned. So I started by thoroughly sanding it. The pieces I wanted to keep wood-coloured I completely sanded until I had bare wood left, the pieces I wanted to paint black I just roughly sanded.

At first I wanted to paint the top, drawer and bottom shelf black and the table legs etc black for this antique side-table makover. But the legs were in such bad shape that I decided to switch it and make the legs black and the rest wood-coloured.

The result

And this is the result! I really love it! As you might notice, we made the table a bit lower. The bottom parts of the legs weren’t saveable and it was a bit too high next to the couch anyway.

I didn’t get all the stains out of the top, I think they go through and through but I actually don’t mind. The stains make it look like it’s still old and I like that.

Have you ever done a makeover on a piece of furniture?

12 May 2020


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