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Amazing crumbly fruit-scones

It might have been better to post this before the Easter weekend instead of after, but I just go to work like normal so I don’t have that much time to bake during weekdays. But still I’d like to share with you this recipe for amazing crumbly fruit-scones.

I know you can get pre-mixed scone mixes at the supermarket. But trust me, making scones is very easy and these are WAY better than the supermarket ones!

The fun thing is you can mix up the recipe a bit, because it contains dried fruit soaked in orange juice there are a lot of different flavours to add.

Think about trying different types of fruit like apricots or cranberries (great for Christmas). But you can also add things to the orange juice like pineapple juice or something alcoholic! I wouldn’t recommend swapping out the orange juice out if these fruit scones entirely because they give a delicious fresh taste to them. But you can definitely mix it up!

Click here for the amazing crumbly fruit-scones recipe

I love most recipes by Jamie Oliver, but I think he really excels in English dishes. They taste amazing and are mostly quite easy to make.

Amazing crumbly fruit-scones

I know the recipe says to soak the fruit for at least a couple of hours, but I never do that. I start by soaking the fruit, then do everything else and by the time I need to add the fruit I drain and use it. But don’t drain it too much! You don’t need to squeeze out the juice, just drain most and throw the rest in with the fruit.

Another plus of this recipe is that the dough doesn’t need to rise and they only need to bake for about 15 minutes, so you can enjoy them super fast!

Oh, and I know you’re supposed to eat them with jam and clothed cream, but if you can’t find any: whipped cream is a great substitute!

7 April 2020


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