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A week on Fuertaventura


To escape the dark, gloomy months at the beginning of the year we decided to go on a short vacation. Just one week away from all the boring grey in the Netherlands. We decided to spend a week on Fuertaventura, one of the Canary Islands!

Because we don’t like spending an entire week at one place, we decided to rent a car for the entire week. We ended up with a great Audi A3 convertible that we rented at Sixt. It was a great ride for the week, we didn’t leave the top on one time haha.

Labranda Bahia de Lobos Resort

We stayed at the Labranda Bahia de Lobos, a great all inclusive resort close to the city centre of Corallejo. We picked this resort because of the cute little buildings instead of massive hotels and the spacious rooms. They had a great buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner with a lot of choices and every other day dinner had a special theme like Mexican, Asian or Canary.

This was our room, 2 single beds, a big closet, a couch with a table, a desk with a chair and a tv and enough room to neatly store all your things. We also had a big balcony with chairs and a table with a view of the pool. And the bathroom was really nice too! Big, clean, light with a great shower and a window you could open if things got a bit too hot.

Playa Ajuy

On our first whole day we immediately took the car for a ride and went to explore the West side of the island. This part has the most greenery. We visited a couple of nice spots on the West like Playa Ajuy and Puertito de los Molinos. On our way we spotted a big farm that said we could come visit the goats, so we did that too!


The next day we explored the town we were staying in a bit. We walked through the city centre to the beach and harbour. Corralejo has tons of fun stores and a lot of nice looking restaurants and bars. In the afternoon we chilled by the pool for a few hours.

Costa Calma

On Wednesday (my birthday!) we drove all the way down to the South part of Fuertaventure. A beautiful ride on the sea side with a picknick at the Costa Calma. We tried to visit the Turtle Nursery, but unfortunately it was already closed. If you want to visit it you need to be there before 13.00h, so keep that in mind. In the afternoon we went to the beach to watch the waves and have a drink. And after dinner we decided to go for cocktails in Corralejo! We had great drinks at the Mojito Beach Bar and less great drinks at Cantante Cafe.

Coleta del Bajo

With a slight hangover the next day, we chilled at the beach all afternoon watching surfers and kite-surfers do their thing!

Isla de Lobos

Because we heard many great things about the nearby island “Lobos” we needed to visit it at least once during a week on Fuertaventura. And while the island is definitely pretty, there’s not much to see or do. One BIG tip: When you get on the island go right! Don’t go left, it’s boring there. Go right, that’s where the beautiful beaches are. We took the first boat back to the main island after a short picknick on Lobos.

El Toston Lighthouse

In the early evening we drove to the top West part of Fuertaventure to see the sunset. There’s a really cute lighthouse there and amazing waves I somehow never catch on camera haha. Unfortunately the sun disappeared behind the clouds 10 minutes before sunset! But it was a beautiful part of the island anyway. We also visited a really small local market in the area, so cute!

Best Cocktails of Corralejo

Because it was our last day on Fuertaventura and we weren’t ready for it to end, we went out for cocktails for one more time. We ended up at La EsKina and we can tell you: they have the best cocktails of Corralejo! Each one was super original and presented in an amazing way! I can definitely recommend the Golden Apple and Summerbreeze. I forgot the name of my last cocktail in the pineapple glass, but that was delicious too!

Fuertaventura Airport

That was it.. that’s how we spend a week on Fuertaventura. We need to hand in our car and head to the airport already. The week flew by! Luckily they have a great outdoor bar at Fuertaventura Airport, so if you’re ever on the island I’d really recommend waiting there for your flight instead of in the boring airport hall.

23 February 2020


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